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Research-Based and Age-Appropriate


Research-Based and Age-Appropriate

Grace Discovery Center utilizes Frog Street curriculum, which is a comprehensive research-based program that supports key learning domains, integrates Conscious Discipline for social-emotional development, and is aligned with state and national learning standards.  


Designed to build strong foundations for our little ones. The program includes activities that optimize key windows of opportunity for growth and development.


Exploration of letters and words encourages children to grow a love of literacy, stories and builds a solid foundation for writing and reading.


This program focuses on nurturing curiosity through exploration for the purpose of moving children forward in their development.


Children develop reasoning skills, inventiveness, and persistence in problem solving through their early experiences with math.


As children begin to interact and share with others, the curriculum focuses on enhancing literacy development and establishing cornerstones for math and STEAM concepts.

Outside Play

Outdoor play gives children the space to thrive, grow, and build emotional intelligence as they play with their peers, share and pretend.

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